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Project : Shower room, Dining area & Study/Bedroom.

To demolish garage and out houses and erect a shower room with access from hallway. Dining area, access from original side entrance door. Study / Bedroom with access from Dining area.

Footprint: 2.3m tapered to 2.0m by 10.950m

Shower room:
2.1m x 2.8m. Access is from hallway. The shower room comprises of fitted units with bulkhead pan and vanity basin. Chrome enclosure with lamonated wall panels.  Mixer shower fed from original domestic supply. Tiled floor and walls.

Dining area:
2.0m x 3.570m. Access is from Kitchen. The Dining area has a built in storage cupboard at one end. Daylight is from a Velux in roof.

Study / Bedroom:
1.9m x 3.175m. Access is from Dining area. Daylight is from Velux in roof and window at rear.

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